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44,19 EUR*
Details Community MATTEers: Service-Learning in Engaged Design and Planning (Earthscan Tools for Community Planning)

Community Matters: Service Learning in Engaged Design and Planning explores issues that resonate with a diverse group of design and planning educators drawn to the challenge of supporting greater community building and empowerment while combining ...

25,95 EUR*
Details The Complete Social Media Community Manager's Guide: Essential Tools and Tactics for Business Success

The Complete Social Media Community Manager's Guide A unique approach to today's hottest new job in social media Today's social community managers use social media platforms and act as brand evangelists and community advocates. From creating viral ...

5,49 EUR*
Details Construction Workers Help (Pebble Books: Our Community Helpers)

Construction workers build our homes, businesses, and stores. Learn about a construction worker's tools, workplace, and role in the community.

31,19 EUR*
Details The Spacemaker's Guide to Big Change: Design and Improvisation in Development Practice (Earthscan Tools for Community Planning)

This book gives definition to participatory practice as a necessary form of activism in development planning for cities. It gives guidance on how practice can make space for big and lasting change and for new opportunities to be discovered. It points ...

198,99 EUR*
Details Flexible Global Ocean-Atmosphere-Land System Model: A Modeling Tool for the Climate Change Research Community (Springer Earth System Sciences)

Coupled climate system models are of central importance for climate studies. A new model known as FGOALS ( the Flexible Global Ocean-Atmosphere-Land System model), has been developed by the Sate Key Laboratory of Numerical Modeling for Atmospheric ...

28,86 EUR*
Details Community Engagement Step-By-Step Action Kit 2nd Edition

Community Engagement Step-By-Step Action Kit 2nd Edition Step-by-Step guide for creating a Community Engagement Plan. Tons of re-printable worksheets, prioritizing tools, thought-starters, monitoring instructions, and a complete Step-by-Step Guide to ...

112,28 EUR*
Details Communications Through Virtual Technologies: Identity, Community and Technology in the Communication Age (Emerging Communication,)

Communications Through Virtual Technologies This work describes virtual reality (VR) as a communication tool. The shifting structures of communication systems present opportunities for communication researchers and this book attempts to scan the ...

16,30 EUR*
Details Friends, Lovers, and Soulmates: A Guide to Better Relationships Between Black Men and Women

Friends, Lovers and Soul Mates Despite the strong foundations of kinship and community ties, there is a crisis of intimacy within the black community today. The Hopsons provide the tools, direction, and support needed by couples in troubled ...

58,85 EUR*
Details Making Sense of Space: The Design and Experience of Virtual Spaces as a Tool for Communication (Chandos Information Professional)

The use of Virtual Worlds (VWs) has increased in the last decade. VWs are used for communication, education, community building, creative arts, and more. A good deal of research has been conducted into learning and VWs, but other areas remain ripe for ...

39,58 EUR*
Details Foundations of Agile Python Development (Expert's Voice in Open Source)

Foundations of Agile Python Development Authored by a well-known member of Python's Agile community, this is the first book to apply the most sought-after principles to Python developers, introducing both the tools and techniques built and supported ...

29,95 EUR*
Details vBulletin: A Users Guide: Configure, manage and maintain your own vBulletin discussion forum

VBulletin: a Users Guide Written specifically to allow you to create a discussion forum, vBulletin provides all of the tools, features and functionality for you to set up and develop a vibrant community. Because it specializes in this one aspect of ...

6,27 EUR*
Details Discover Your Spiritual Gifts the Network Way: 4 Assessments for Determining Your Spiritual Gifts

Now with discussion questions and assessment tools to help you determine your unique ministry fit. By the coauthor of the Network course materials developed at Willow Creek Community Church Have you found fulfillment in life? Can you say your ministry ...